Thursday, September 17, 2009

the time has come and its name is giveaway

the results are in! i had an adorable assistant help me draw the names for my giveaway winners today.

and kristine helped too by baking these amazing cupcakes for my impending birthday this saturday.

maybe that didn't have much to do with drawing names but yes it does say 'happy 30th dirt!'. she can work wonders with some icing and pink cake.

little miss managed to pull three names out of the bowl before she started to eat the small pieces of paper, which i consider a huge success. paper can be so irresistible for a nearly one year old who's perpetually teething.

and now, the winners!!!!

the lovely sally sal of you. me. no adult supervision... is the winner of the handmade scarf!!

sally, i know you'll use it to accessorize your good looks and great charm like only you can.

next, the winner of the mystery gift is none other than vic at what were you thinking? !!

i'm sorry to disappoint, but i still can't show you what the mystery is yet. i think you might just have to wait until vic gets it and posts about how much she loves it or how lame it is. although i can give you a hint. the idea came to me after i wrote this post.

and finally, the winner for the last item, the pet treats, is cal of cal's canadian cave of coolness! now, i must say that i was surprised that the homemade goodies for our four-legged friends weren't a bigger hit. perhaps that was for the better. you see, when i checked the jar of cat treats i saw this:

oh yes, moldy, fuzzy, rotten cat treats. yum.

since i had set aside some treats for kristine and her obnoxious cats anyway, and because she also requested a poisonous flavor, i gave her the extras instead of throwing them out. and today when her cat fluffy shit almost scratched little miss, i threatened to force feed them to the vicious feline.

but not to stiff cal on his prize, i have arranged to wash out the treat jar and send it to him with some nice, store-bought kittie snacks.

that's probably going to be the last time i bake for a while.

as it turned out, not one person wanted the doggie treats. so i'm going to keep them to give to monster. and also so i don't risk peta hitting me with attempted pet murder charges.

i hope you all enjoyed my blogoversary/birthday/100th post celebration! it was, after all, inspired by you, dear readers. the fun shall continue next week with my star studded line-up of guest bloggers. i'll be back monday the 28th, don't miss me too much!!


Kristine said...

Ahhh, she's so cute!
This was so much fun, and I didn't even win! (AGAIN. FUUHCK.)

I'll grieve your absence and heckle the men while you're away.

Vic said...

Woo Hoo!!! Thanks adorable assistant! I've never won anything on a blog before - I'm pretty sure I'm getting an elephant, right?

I love their wrinkly ankles.
Thanks, Lana!! (Happy Blogversary/Dirt Birthday also :)

j-face said...

congratulations on all the festivities, miss.

The Blogovirthday 100. Yeah, you like it.

Anonymous said...

Damn. I lost again. Maybe your assistant ate mine??? She's very cute though!!

Anonymous said...

I so have to do a give away now... looks like so much

***pouting because I didn't win***

Badass Geek said...

Have a good time! We'll take good care of the place while you're gone.

Lana said...

k- i know you can heckle with the best of them! thanks again :)

vic- yeah, and i'm going to hand deliver that piece all the way to CA for you! congrats!!

and nice use of dirt :)

j- thanks! i'm going to enjoy my party week for sure.

jules- actually, yours was the fourth name she pulled out and it did in fact go right into her mouth. that means she likes you :)

courtney- you'll always be a winner to me :) but yeah, i hated losing so much i figured if i gave stuff away i'd feel better about it. worked for me!

badass- thanks! i'll be able to party better knowing things are taken care of here :)

Sally-Sal said...

Happy Dirty Thirty!!!!!!!!

And thanks for the kick-ass scarf! I promise to post a photo of me wearing it. Or at least, just email you a photo of me wearing it with a big shit-eating grin on my face.

mylittlebecky said...

HAPPY ALMOST BIRTHDAY! i'll make a toast in your name tomorry. if i remember. mabes i should just do it now...

to lana!

Lana said...

sally- congrats on being a winner!! i'm so going to call it dirty thirty now :)

becky- yay for toasts and birthdays!! thanks :)