Thursday, September 17, 2009

no, no, thank YOU

today is going to be a very busy day for me, which is fine because sitting around with nothing to do can sometimes make me want to kill myself, or the unemployed assclown who drives his ridiculously loud remote control car right under my window for hours at a time.

first on my to-do list today is send a very huge THANK YOU out to my guest bloggers who will be sharing their funny here at my pearl hiding spot next week. i'm technically not going away, that was last week, but i will be so busy with family birthday week that i don't want to leave my blog all neglected. plus guest bloggers are fun.

without further adieu, your guests are as follows:

monday 9/21- meaty from "why?", "how?" and other abstract questions

tuesday 9/22- jerrod from the yellow factor

thursday 9/24- mr. c from advice and humor from mr. condescending

friday 9/25- mike from badass geek

sensing a pattern maybe? why yes, i have asked all guys to guest post for me! not only do i enjoy all of their writing and abilities to entertain, but i also thought it would be a little funny to have a bunch of dudes say they were guest posting for a blog called mother hides the pearls. but i guess that's only funny if you don't know me, because sometimes i think i can relate to men better than mommies. b always says he loves how i drink beer like a man.

so if you haven't already checked out all of their blogs, you should. they were kind enough to write for me and they each have a wonderfully unique style that truly makes them all stand out.

moving right along, today is actually going to be a two post day for me. this one here marks number 99. this afternoon i will be over at kristine's house (from wait in the van) while we ignore our kids, drink gallons of coffee, and draw names for the winners of my giveaway! don't get any silly ideas about me rigging anything here either, i don't play that way. besides, all the stuff i'm giving away i've already given her at some point already.

tonight i will post my 100th post and it will reveal the winners. i hope no one is too disappointed about not winning, or about winning.

and lastly, i have to give a warm hug and a shout to stacie from stacie's madness for making my day by giving me such a sexy bedroom-eyes blog award!

that's right folks, she adores me, and i adore her. her writing is witty, poignant, honest, and hilarious. if that's not reason enough for excessive adoration, that i don't know what is. thank you stacie!

and to pass this award along, i'd like to give it to lora at fever. not only do i adore her blog, but i have the biggest girl crush on her and i love our little email convos in which we repeatedly tell each other how great we are. you do wonders for my ego lora, and your writing touches me so profoundly that i carry it around in my head long after i've turned my computer off. so thank you for sharing that carefully selected 2% of yourself in your special way.

that's all i've got for now. tune in later tonight for the winners!!

thank you and goodnight.


Lora said...

hey! thank you so much!
because I've been a terrible mommy blogger lately and my brat turns 3.5 today, I'm going to blog about him today, but tomorrow? It's all you, me, and our love.

thanks a million, L!

Organic Meatbag said...

Lana, it is totally my pleasure to be a guest blogger for you...I only hope I will get to offend even more people than I normally do on a day-to-day basis!

Badass Geek said...

Such kind words. I enjoy guest posting, and I thank you for the compliment of asking me to post here.

Stacie's Madness said...

WOOT! I can't wait to see what the boys come up with...and I think it's HILARIOUS thinking about Mother hiding the pearls on yeah.

j-face said...
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j-face said...

well you rock, so it's my pleasure.... and just for a hint of what I have in store for Lana's readers: crap on the carpet.

Yeah, you'll be back on Tuesday.

Courtney said...

OMFG I can't wait to see who won your fantastic prizes!!!!

otherworldlyone said...

I'm excited about the guest posting! Especially since they're all boys.

Sally-Sal said...

Excellent lineup.

Lana said...

lora- i'm just happy to be a giver

meaty- thanks! and me too :)

badass- anytime! and i'm thrilled to be able to have a little blog vacation and know things are taken care of.

stacie- that's why i adore you! you get my humor.

j- the steam cleaner is in the hall closet. use it. love it.

courteny- your enthusiam makes me blush a little bit, i love it!

owo- i knew all the ladies would love that, it wasn't an accident.

sally- thanks! i can't wait for you guys to see what they've all put together.

miss. chief said...

one hundred!