Thursday, March 26, 2009

hold me when the end comes

have you heard about the latest threat to end life as we know it? this sounds like a lame horror movie, complete with 'zombie computers' and a 'master machine'. we all know how well i deal with that type of nonsense.

but seriously, SERIOUSLY? who are these people that write this shit? what do they get out of it? is it more about the fact that they CAN do it?

i need to know the answer, because if you tell me that i have to jump through hoops to protect my computer from something that wants to steal my personal banking information, i'll just laugh at you.

as we already know, my computer has a mind of it's own, so living with another virus won't really change how i do things on my end. additionally, i hope those stupid bastards wrote something into that virus to target rich people, because they'll be pissed if they even waste a minute opening up my bank account.

not to mention the fact that i'm pretty sure demonic spirits can transfer through wires, so HA, joke's on you assclowns! you think you're coming at me with some big bad virus to make me cower in a corner, think again. i've got shit you can't even comprehend running rampant on my hard drive.

no, i'm not scared of your silly april fool's day virus. you can do your worst and it won't phase me one bit.

what i am scared of is when my computer finds out i've been calling it names. i better keep that knife handy. i'll fight you to the death, computer, yours or mine.


Kristine said...

This video's kinda lame, but I can't get over that guy's voice. "Looook, Looook, Looook!"

Lana said...

oh yeah, his voice is totally weird. that's probably how his computer got 'own-ted' in the first place :)

Brian said...

Um Lana, have you noticed Computie hasn't even been plugged in for the past 2 years? That's creepy.

Bridget said...


I think you just wrote your first screenplay.