Tuesday, October 20, 2009

take two, or whatever

hi blog, i'm back. i know we've had this discussion before, but what can i say, i like to repeat myself.

repetition is soothing, comforting, and sometimes necessary.

so i'm just going to lay it all out on the monitor for you and hopefully we'll be able to have a new found respect for each other when this is all out in the open.

i've been hanging out with my other blog again. and by again, i mean really only since tonight. number two has been woefully neglected as of late and at the same time you have been mutating into some caricature of myself that, as someone i respect a whole lot once said, feels like only about 2% of the real me.

now, i'm not trying to disown you. you are me and i am you.

but sometimes, as may or may not be indicative in my most recent post before this one, i feel as if you have become a home for that goofy story-telling side of me that is always performing. i do love to create elaborate scenarios and pepper my language with some well-placed curses, but sometimes i have other thoughts in my head.

i feel like it just makes sense to live as a multiple personality, utilizing the two different blogs to suit my different needs, rather than to try to marry you with someone whom i know you probably wouldn't even make it halfway through the first date with before emitting an obnoxiously large amount of "are you fucking kidding me"s and "get the fuck out of here"s.

the last thing i want is for you to think i'm taking myself too seriously, it's not that at all. instead, i feel like this is the best way to preserve what you have here. you're working on a good thing, and i don't want to ruin what works for you with inserting a whole new dimension.

thanks for understanding, blog.

and besides, knowing me, i'll be over this phase in about a week and a half. i'll be back here feeling more like myself again in no time.


mo.stoneskin said...

I'd like to see your blog's response. Is she upset, understanding, grouchy?

Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

Come back soon!

Lora said...

I stalk you from time to time at your other blog, but I'll put it in my reader if you will be there more often.

Also, I respect you too, and love you. And love your 2%

Lana said...

mo- i think she's going to adjust well, or maybe i'm just telling myself that

bs & bc- thanks :) and i'm resolving to keep current in both places, for now anyway...

lora- awww, that totally made me blush! i'm going to try to be here and there more consistantly. i've definitely been able to learn a little bit more about my writing style by alternating between the two.