Wednesday, April 22, 2009

blog, we have to talk...

i'm sure you've gotten a little suspicious the past few days, blog. and as it turns out, you have good reason to suspect something afoot. i wanted you to hear it from me first, i've been cheating on you blog.

i have a new blog that i've been spending a lot of time with lately. it's younger, has a fresh new color scheme, and we have different things to talk about together. i mean, i don't want to lose what you and i have, because i really do enjoy your company. but there are some needs that you can't fill for me.

don't even play like you're jealous, because that will just force me to run off with new blog and leave you behind. we might even have a threesome with my possessed computer. hopefully we'll all get taken over by skynet and christian bale will have to come and save us (me) from the machines.

but in all seriousness, blog, i think this can be the beginning of a very diplomatic open relationship. who knows, with some of the pressure taken off of you, you could really blossom into a funnier, wittier version of yourself.

all i ask is that you give it a try.

thanks, blog, for understanding. you'll always have a special place in my heart.


Brian said...

Listen, the truth stings sometimes but you did the right thing by letting, um, it, know.

Skitch said...

Who gets custody of the posts?