Tuesday, September 22, 2009

serve it up or i'll serve you a fat lip

for a terrifically tasty tuesday, you've come to the right place. jerrod from the yellow factor was nice enough to compose a little anecdote for me. his tale of well exercised restaurant restraint is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the discussion of customer service becoming more of a theory than a practice. order up and enjoy!

Lana has asked (threatened) me to do a post for her as she is on a vacation (receiving her treatment). Of course I jumped at the chance to ruin everyone's day on someone else's blog. Nothing better than to go to someone else's house and tear stuff up, crap on the floor and just leave. Kind of love her for having that amount of trust in me. Awww. As you can tell, or should know.. I'm a big Lana fan. Not to a point where a piece of paper orders me to stay 500 ft from her, but a fan nonetheless. Anyway, guest post. Here it is.

Don't judge me...

Those that read me know of my troubles with the fast food industry. Recently I was at a certain McPlace and ordered a #12 with a Coke. She said "Was that a #12?" I said "Yes". This as followed by silence............ then I get this question full of attitude : "Um, with a Coke?!?!?" I sat there a good 5 whole seconds trying to gain enough composure to reply with "....Uh huh." You know the attitude of a 19 year old Latina chica with too much eyeliner and greasy hair, right? I pulled up to the window and she gave me my order without looking at me once or saying a word. Not a one word was said. I even said thank you as she shut her little window. I drove off and I swear I felt I had just died a little bit on the inside.

I'm afraid we as a society are digressing to a point that in the near future, the same scenario could happen although after I say thank you at the end, she opens her window back up and punches me in the face. Sign of the times I suppose. Gone are the days of smiling and saying thank you. Gone are the days of inquiring if I needed anything else to make my meal more enjoyable. Gone is the courtesy I should receive when I go back and exchange the Diet Coke I was rudely given with the Coke Classic that I ordered. That's fine. I wasn't acknowledge at all and to top it all off, the everlovin' fries were cold. For that, maybe I should have punched her in the face.

Any bad customer service stories you would like to share? Flood this post with them so not only will it look like Lana is really famous (she is in my eyes), I will look like I didn't just take a crap on her living room floor. See? Win/Win.

Goodnight and good luck.


miss. chief said...

i know what you mean...but then again i have been that latina girl before (not literally) and would be again in a second if i had a shitty ass job like that. FUCK YOU AND YOUR FRIES is what i would think, punching you in the face.

that's how i roll

erin said...

I don't eat fast food, and neither should any of you. Stop it now. Or I will...be...something like disappointed, but not really.

I'm not an angry person in general, but I hate when you ask a server for information about what they're going to serve you and they give you all kinds of attitude.
I asked one the other day if they used chicken broth or stock when they made the 'homemade' broccoli cheese soup. I thought she was going to bust a nut when I asked her. I wanted to yell at her, "You know, this is 2009, and it's not freakish, strange or weird for someone to not eat meat. HELLO YOU FREAKING BULL SHIT CRAP BITCH, JUST FIND OUT IF THE SOUP HAS MEAT IN IT YOU DUMB CUNT!"
But of course I smiled and said, "Nevermind, thanks anyways. I would hate to put you out."

otherworldlyone said...

Dearest J-licious,

While I love fast food, (and am NOT a fast food nazi like ERIN)I think you spend far too much time in this...McPlace.

Obviously they have issues with you personally. You should start going inside and dealing with them over the counter, if you really must go. That way, when you punch them in the face, it's level. If you tried to punch them through the window (assuming you have a low car and not an SUV) you might miss and look like a pansy.

Are you a pansy? Man up.




P.S.S. - I eat service employees for lunch. GRRR.

lissa said...

that's how it is these days, I've met polite people at fast food places, but I found it's the other customers that cause me ill, seriously, cutting lines is quite offensive

but I did once waited in line in a department store to pay for something and when it was my turn, the lady just leave the counter without a word to me, or to anyone, I was clearly waiting but she said nothing and just walk away...

Sally-Sal said...

I got lost in Moore a few weeks ago, and the first thing I spotted was this Wendy's.

I pulled through the drive-through, ordered a diet coke, and when I got to the window, asked the lady for directions.
She gave me awesome directions and I was able to find my way back home, no problem.
And she also gave me that diet coke for free. Because obviously, she was a guardian angel. Yay, Wendy's.

Maybe you should end things with the McPlace. Drop it like a bad habit. :)

j-face said...

miss chief - thanks for seeing things MY way

erin - sometimes you frighten me with your words. in a good way.

owo - i think we should wrestle.

lissa - how long did you stand there unattended?

sally - awesome. last time I ate at Wendy's (year ago) I received food poisoning. I can't believe you received that kind of service in Moore. Interesting.

otherworldlyone said...

Perv. ;)

Sally-Sal said...

I used to live in Moore. I miss it sometimes.

I was trying to find this little bar me and my friends used to go to, which is kinda out of the way. Go too far, and you end up in Valley Brook. And if you know about Moore, you definitely know about Valley Brook...

Sally-Sal said...

This reminds me of you and McGirl:


Badass Geek said...

Oh, so many stories. Being a picky eater, I order my burgers from McD's with ketchup and pickles only. Simple request, right?

As it turns out, no. I get a glare from the cashier, the stink-eye from the manager, and probably a large wad of spit on my burger from the guy out back who has to re-do my order.

Mr. Condescending said...

I have a fucking fit every time this happens...I go to mcdonalds and try to order the largest orange juice I can get, they REFUSE to fill the gigantic soda cups they have with anything but soda. I offer to pay more, they don't care.

It's so stupid!

PorkStar said...

hahahaa very nice guest post...
Lana is one of my fave bloggers too, however I have yet to get caught up on her posts as i was on vacation NOT dealing with anything about customers or customer service at all...

Good, good post