Wednesday, August 12, 2009

linky love

i haven't been a very good bloggy friend lately. it's been weeks since i actually found my way to my computer to read all of your clever, funny, insightful, and crass posts that i love so much. i'm not here to make excuses. sure the food poisoning didn't help much, but i still respect all of you folks out there who make the time to not only maintain your own writing consistently, but also support your fellow writers.

and, by the way, as i once told the novelista barista, i absolutely think of blogging as real writing. it takes so much work and time out of your life to manage, not to mention creating something that you want to be an accurate representation of yourself, how could something you pour so much energy into not be considered legitimate?

well friends, today i had the pleasure of two bloggy pals giving me a shout and basically reaffirming my decision to keep up this time-suck of a blog i have here. there have been more than a few times that i thought for sure i was going to just stop posting and be done with it all. but the fact that there's people out there who take even a minute out of their day to read some random story i feel like telling means the world to me.

i love telling stories, it's how my mind works. i make everything into a narrative as its happening. if only i was patient enough to sit down and write a novel, i could have a lot of fun with that i think.

but i digress, my point here was to say thanks to everyone out there who doesn't get bogged down by life and finds a way to share their thoughts and experiences through their writing.

mr. condescending just posted about his 100 favorite blogs he likes to read. he's a guy who knows how to win a girl over with flattery, and also how to play the game without being hated. you walk that line so well, mr. c, you really are an artist! thanks again for the honorable mention, i'll keep finding funny if you keep reading.

it was also brought to my attention that jerrod, over at the yellow factor, was somehow absent from my little linky list. jerrod, i'm going to blame the computer demons for that one, i don't have any other explanations. but in his generous way he gave me a glorious award for me to hang with pride on my sidebar. behold:

oh yeah, i was definitely the kid who made yellow snowballs. it's all the same when you have mittens on, right? right. so thanks again, jerrod! i'll try and keep up with my writing, including the many fuckity fuck curses, and be worthy of this award.

and i can't forget courtney and porkstar, who have so kindly added me to the sweat crew even though they didn't really know me and i asked to join their group.

i still haven't figured out how to make that list so that it links to all the other members, but i haven't forgotten about it. i'm proud to display my sweatiness for all to see.

so for all of you out there who i've been a stranger to lately, i'm on my way! right after i tend to a walking (or should i say running) ten month old who is having a hard time learning that 'no' means 'garbage is not for eating' and 'the toilet bowl is not for hiding toys'.


Organic Meatbag said...

You take your time, Lana and don't feel like you have to throw us a're a busy gal, damnit! I just know it will be worth it when you do get around to all of us, so no sorries needed!!

Jerrod said...

all i need are a couple F'ers a week. The rest of the time you can do whatever... watch tv, eat on the couch, parent... choice is yours dear.

Thanks Lana

Lana said...

meaty- even when all you post is a few pics you still crack me up. thanks for always being so funny! (i still laugh about the chin mistress)

jerrod- sounds about the perfect speed for me. sporadic blogging suits me i think :)

and no, no. thank you!

Anonymous said...

Awwww thanks for the shout out. You crack me the fuck up.
(I added the links and shit by adding a text thing through the format.... does this make any fucking sense? Probably not... shoot me an e-mail and I'll tell you how I did it....)

Mr. Condescending said...

Aw that was so nice of you to say the right things about me!

You deserve lots of awards and jerrod bestowed one of the best ones I've seen! Now I challenge you to a memory-off!

Quick, tell me what you and the grouch (k) were wearing on the day you met each other!

Lana said...

courtney- hi! likewise to you :) and i will email you about that, sometime when i have an hour to decipher it all. i'm a little computer-retarded.

mr. c- thanks! and i don't remember clothes because we were 12 years old in mr. stern's math class in 7th grade. she did have one hell of a tight perm while i was unfortunately still rocking my mom's specialty, bowl-cut + bangs.

how was that for recall? :)

Mr. Condescending said...

Good job lana, 1991 bangs were so hot! Did you have a lisa frank trapper keeper too!?