Wednesday, June 17, 2009

fried = fancy

what do four culinary school graduates do for fun in their spare time? curious you should ask, i was just about to tell you anyway.

what we definitely don't do is go to trendy restaurants and analyze the various components and techniques used in our meals. instead we get together at places like this where it's ok to throw your peanut shells on the floor and the house specialty is fried pickles.

oh yes. you heard that right, fried pickles, and they're fucking fantastic.

sometimes it's the ease of junk food that lets people enjoy themselves more than the expectation of culinary wonders ever could.

you can have your fancy dressing-up and sterling flatware and countless courses of tiny things. i'll always prefer foods that can be eaten with one hand allowing me to hold a beer in the other.

i think that's what the marketing suits had in mind behind this gem:

the 'big az chicken' can be found in corner stores all over this great land of ours. its simplicity lends a hand in its success. sometimes, people just want a big ass chicken sandwich.

how could you argue with that logic?

and now, if you'll excuse me, i'm off to work where i will prepare thousands of hor d'ourves for people all dressed up in uncomfortable clothes.


The Vegetable Assassin said...

Someone asked me recently if I could have one meal only what it would be and I said, "The best grilled cheese sandwich ever (good bread, great cheese, fancy relishes to eat with it), some french fries with mayonnaise and a margarita (frozen)" Because I am DAMN CLASSY. And it would taste awesome. I think what I'm trying to say is, sometimes the simple, everyday comfort food is THE BOMB.

Well that and I am a philistine.

Logical Libby said...

Fried pickles are awesome. Fried cheese is even better.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

My marriage is based on friend pickles...essentially. When I was dating my wife, I would take her to the brewpub in Mishawaka, because I loved the beer and she loved the friend dill spears they served. It was a match made in high-calorie heaven.

Vic said...

I think you could deep-fry a dish cloth and I would consider eating it.

Mr London Street said...

One day your cholesterol might be as high as mine. At that point the delights of fine dining take on a whole new dimension.

Plus all those seven course tasting menus are deceptive. Because each course is so dainty you are fooled into thinking you've had nothing to eat. It's only once you leave the restaurant that you realise you're fucking stuffed.

Brian said...

Oh my god I was cracking up at 'BigAz' chicken. I swear my dream job is advertising executive. What about 'Panormous' from Pizza Hut? How long did it take some douche taking a dump in the morning to figure that one out? 'Hmmm, giant pizza, this one is easy, 'panormous', now I have to wipe and go collect my check for $6 quintillion dollars.

katrocket said...

I work with a big guy named Az who kinda looks like a chicken. I gotta tell him someone named a sandwich after him.

Lana said...

veg- hi! and you are so right with grilled cheese, one of my all-time favorites. i make a mean one with whole grain bread :)

ll- let's put those two together and have some crazy good eats

mjenks- yay for bar food!!

vic- i just might try that. if my boss runs it as a special i'll totally give you credit though.

mr. london- they're so sneaky! i hate when that happens. i had dinner at a restaurant where i used to work and my boss kept sending out extra courses. three hours later i was so full i wanted to cry.

b- you know that's something butterfly would eat, all greasy hands, sitting there in champions. 'you wan somma my sannich, ROOKIE?'

katrocket- hi! and that's so awesome. is he real ghetto? because that's usually where you find the big az.

LiLu said...

A BIG AZ chicken sandwich sounds like EXACTLY what I need right now. Nom.

katrocket said...

Nah - my man Az is high-tone. You can't look like a chicken and survive in the ghetto.

Organic Meatbag said...

Fried pickles kick ass...I'm pretty sure that Elvis would have loved them...