Wednesday, April 29, 2009

name games, part two

so here's my secret (which isn't really a secret because i'll tell anyone who'll listen): i want to have another baby, like right now. little miss is seven months old, and i always knew i wanted to pop out the kiddies really closely together for several reasons. not the least of which being that i can finally get the boob job i've always wanted when my body is done incubating my offspring, and by boob job i mean reduction. i want those bad boys downsized, lifted, and tightened so that no matter what i'm doing they always stay in the same place, and also so that i can wear a regular shirt/bathing suit/dress without looking like a porn star/hooker on her way to work.

right, so b's all for this plan (and what husband wouldn't be) except for one thing, we still live in a one bedroom apartment. yes, me, b, little miss, and monster all in one little tiny apartment. adding a new fetus to the mix might make b's head explode. and since i'm not ready to be a single mother i have to just give it some time. although i make it a point to talk to b about babies at least once a day so he doesn't think it was all a phase and i got over it.

moving along, since i can't really talk about baby name stories with b unless i'm currently knocked up, i talk with my cousin who happens to be equally as babybrained as i am. since i'm so intrigued by the fine line between an unusual name and a ridiculous name, i thought i'd share some of the more, um, unique ones we've heard. not to be a hypocrite, because i know i've said before that it's really hard to judge parents for what they name their kids, but sometimes i think that pointing out some of these examples is really just a motivator to help keep myself in check. but i want to say, in all fairness, that i sincerely do feel bad for these kids, and some of the parents.

1. this one came to me courtesy of my mother, a first grade teacher. it's the story of a young, immigrant couple who had a baby girl. the hospital promptly labeled the plastic crib with a pink card that said 'female.' the naive parents thought that in america, the hospitals name your baby for you. so female (pronounced fe-Mal-ay) became the child's legal name.

2. then there's the poor kid who's mom has an awful sense of humor. his real name is something like benjamin mark but she's only taught him that his name is 'beema.' yes, beema, as in short for beemer, as in BMW. so apparently the kid is five years old and doesn't know his real name, and mom insists on using beema. in my opinion, she should have just named him that from the jump and it might not be so bad if there weren't an ordinary name to fall back on.

3. oh yes, my list would not be complete without little 'trezir', as in 'mom doesn't know how/doesn't care how to spell treasure correctly.' trezir seems to be the only one in his (yes, HIS) family who lost the name game, he has two older sisters, nicole and annette.

with all that fresh in my mind, i asked my cousin what she thought about the name barnaby, not barny, just barnaby, for a boy. sure it's not the most common, but it's not like a total joke either, right? i guess i have plenty of time before i really have to go there. my point is that i hope my attraction to different sounding names isn't going to be scarring my kids forever and ever. or at least that they end up in a school where only the adults talk about their weird names and that the other kids don't beat them up because they all have weird names too.


Deutlich said...

you won't be the "weird lady"!! come out and PARTY! We'd LOVE to see you on Saturday!!!

I promise none of us bite.

Unless asked.


Lana said...

deutlich- sorry, but my husband's the only one allowed to bite, but other than that, sounds great!

Miss Yvonne said...

Barnaby is cute! Be sure to make his middle name Jones, though.

Brian said...

...kind of reminds me of when my parents went to a parent-teacher conference for my brother, Conor, like half way through the school year many years ago. The conversation went something like this:

Teacher: So Patrick is doing ok in...

Parents: (cutting him/her off) But our kid is Conor, Patrick is his middle name.

Teacher: Really?? There must have been a mistake at the beginning of the school year, because I've been calling him Patrick the entire year.

Dude, Conor was old enough to say 'that's not my name' but he didn't. I think that's kind of bad ass.

LiLu said...

Deutlich is lying.

We all bite.

But just hard enough... promise.

Lana said...

miss yvonne- i've been trying to convince people that barnaby is the most perfect name ever, he can be cute, bad ass, funny, or whatever and it would all fit. thanks for the support!

b- we all know how bad ass conor is, just like when he was 2 and tried to walk to your school to hang out with you and made it halfway across town.

lilu- i can't tell if you're trying to scare me away or tell me that you need a vampirism support group...

Vic said...

I like Barnaby too. Although, be aware that even if you don't, the kids at school will still call him 'Barny'. Embrace it or abandon it. :)

I like unusual names. Both of my kid's names are a bit out of the ordinary.