Friday, June 5, 2009

this post is a way for me to not post anything of substance

ok kiddies, the time has come. bananaman will now be making himself comfortable at the following locations:

the yellow factor because jerrod loves bananas (and hanukkah)!!

either dibbly fresh or get a pencil and your casebook, both owned and operated by sadako. or i guess it's entirely possible that bananaman might like her so much that he'd hang at both her spots, but that's ultimately going to be his decision.

and lastly, i have to say that i offered up bananaman in what i thought was a fair trade to trodo over at diamond pewpin carnivore, but alas, she has yet to come and claim him. i don't want him to end up in a loveless home where he's not wanted. i'm not a bananaman pusher after all. so trodo, if you want him, he's here waiting for you.

and i think i may just have to show my true affection for the purple shirt wearing bananaman and place him here as well.

i hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, as i know i'm sure to sleep better knowing i'll always have a banana friend should i need one.


Mr. Condescending said...

Congrats to the winners! Bananaman is one cool guy.

Jerrod said...

Oh Lana, I'm so proud. Now he better do his thing and bring in all the ladies...

it's go time.

Lana said...

mr. c- he's cooler than me, bastard. just kidding, i love him!

jerrod- you're welcome, make it happen.