Friday, May 15, 2009

you asked for it

well it seems like only four people wanted to play this little game, which made it easier for me, less questions and all. the rules are simple: post the answers, describe how to pass along the meme in that post, and make your own questions (or borrow) for the people who want you to interview them.

i made up a lot of these questions myself, but i definitely did find some online that i either borrowed or adapted. and now, without further ado...


1. why do you prefer glasses to contacts, despite the occasional lisa loeb comparison?

2. would you rather swim in a pool, the ocean, or the hudson river?

3. using your porn name (first pet + street you grew up on) as the main character, please give a brief summary of the movie about your life.

4. why does the drive through atm have braille on the keypad?

5. is it possible to have a relapse to your windex smell addiction?


1. have you ever played hot dog bush? if not, please go play it now and tell me what your high score is.

2. if you were in hell and got really mad at someone, where would you tell them to go?

3. if you could be anything in a grocery store, what would you be and why? (i got asked this once on a job interview and it freaked me out. like, has someone ever said 'pickles. i'd like to be a jar of pickles.'??)

4. which is better, being the youngest, middle, oldest, or only child? which were you?

5. what nickname have you been called that you hate the most?


1. did you ever find out who wrote you that really mean email? would you respond if you did?

2. can you convert your headband pattern to knit for me if i promise not to sell them?

3. what color would a smurf turn if it were choking?

4. do you sing more in the car or in the shower? what, if any, accompanying dance moves do you employ while singing?

5. what was the last item you re-gifted?


1. what anagrams can you make with your name (real or pseudonym) and which is your favorite?

2. what's the difference between a crocodile and an alligator, and which do you prefer?

3. if you absolutely had to kill a spider, as opposed to putting it on a spoon and setting it free outside, would you give the spider a eulogy and a proper burial? how would you sum up that spider's life?

4. why does your kit kat clock's mustache bother me WAY more that his shifty eyes?

5. what was the last randomly gross/potentially lethal thing you saw while walking to the bus stop?

that's all i've got. i look forward to reading all of your answers, now if you'll excuse me i think i just saw monster lick his junk and is now heading towards the baby....


the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Did I miss something here?

erin said...

Ok I did it! Yay! I called it the 'interview from hell' mostly because my ex husband called me while I was writing it and that just put a damper on everything.

Lana said...

mjenks- only the chance to interviewed by yours truly (see previous post)

erin- yay! i'm gonna go check it, and :( for ex husbands.

miss. chief said...

i'm gonna do this later today or tomorrow...have to think up some anagrams. yikes!