Friday, May 15, 2009

my baseball post

you may not know this about me, but i grew up in a family of baseball fanatics. there was no other sport that we even paid attention to. when i was about eight years old, and my brother about six, no one could top ol' donnie baseball in our minds. darryl strawberry on the mets and jose canseco on the a's were up there too. we don't need to tarnish that childhood memory with where they ended up, so i'm just going to move along here.

now, with b being a mets fan, we enjoy a mutual love for our ny baseball teams. we still have to make it out to visit the new stadiums sometime this summer, although i have to say that i'm a little superstitious because every single time i've been to the old yankee stadium the guys lose. i might be a hex.

my point with all this is that i was super annoyed to read this crap in my local paper this morning about how they're auctioning off the fucking clumps of dirt from the old stadium.

i mean, i always kind of looked the other way when ticket prices kept going up and up and up. it's entertainment, and if that's the price you have to pay to enjoy it, so be it. but selling clumps of grass and pieces of a busted wall that that douche kevin brown punched a hole in, just to make a buck?

i can't decided who's the biggest tool, the yanks for looking at $$, the assclowns who pay for this stuff, or me for getting annoyed about it all when i really should have seen it coming a mile away.


Miss Yvonne said...

They did that here with the old Dallas Cowboys stadium. I couldn't believe the prices people were paying for freaking urinals from the locker room.

Skitch said...

The Yanks are always the biggest tools! Lol.

I love what they used to represent with some of the greatest players of all time. Though I guess I can say that about all of baseball.

For me, baseball kind of "died" when Nolan Ryan, Gwynn, Ripken and Molitor all retired.

(Lol...I still enjoy the vivid memory of Ryan beating the living hell out of young punk Robin Ventura when he charged the mound. Guess the chin music wasn't the tune he was looking for so Ryan played out a different one--on his face.)

Vic said...

I would totally buy that plug of dirt. Did they have vials of water from the drinking fountains too? Let me know.

Brian said...

Shit, thanks for ruining the surprise birthday present I got for you...guess I'll just return it now.

Lana said...

miss yvonne- why? why does that kind of thing happen?

skitch- i'll always love the yankees, forever and ever, even if they are tools. and holy shit! b and i were JUST watching that fight the other day on some clip show, i love how ryan grabbed bitchass ventura in a headlock and just started punching. awesome.

vic- no vials, but i'm pretty sure there was a used gatorade bottle from a first baseman who played like six years ago.

b- come ON! you totally don't have to wait til my bday to give me that glass enclosed piece of dirt, i want it now!

Skitch said...

Being a baseball fan, I sure do miss colorful managers like Lasorda (as heard here and Earl Weaver (which you can link to after listening to Tommy's rants). The only one that comes close nowadays is Ozzie Guillen.

One favorite quote of mine (and I think it was by Lasorda but I couldn't find it) was that one of his players "couldn't hit a beach ball with a log". LOL...there needs to be more of that in today's game. Everyone's too nice!

Wow, that was awkward said...

What about urinal pucks?

Go Cubs!!

Lana said...

skitch- let's bring that kind of talk back into fashion!

wow- hi :) and i don't pee standing up so i need a little more clarification with that one.

Wow, that was awkward said...

Hey, I take the lazy man's pee sometimes but I guess I can see that it doesn't go both ways for you women - unless you like to camp and are good at hanging onto trees.

Urinal pucks are the foul smelling things put in the mens pissers meant to offset the other nasty smells. Sometimes they include advertising. Not sure why anyone would want their logo pissed on, but whatever...