Tuesday, April 7, 2009

when blogger's block attacks

i've been in a slump lately. somewhere between returning to work for exactly nine hours and then finding out i'm not working again for another two weeks, and making mass quantities of baby food for little miss, i began to think that i've actually run out of interesting things to say.

in the past three days i've had several rejected posts. some have made it almost to the publish button, only to be deleted at the very last second. rather than over think the shit of out every little detail, as is my normal custom, this time i decided to just throw out some of my ideas in list form and see if there are any bites:

1. discuss why people who want to live 'off the grid' really annoy me

2. explain my extreme aversion to 'weird money'

3. share my experience of sheer terror when i thought that i had an old pair of contacts actually fused to my eyeballs

4. talk about how addicted i am to specialty beer and how i've always wanted to brew my own yet most likely never will

5. tell someone (anonymously, of course) about how i can't be friends with her anymore because she makes me into a hypocrite

i completely understand if the consensus is to wait for me to be struck with some other miraculous inspiration. hopefully i'll be back to my true form soon. in the meantime, i won't beg, but i'll ask nicely, don't give up on me yet.


Kristine said...

Um, of course I want to hear about #5! (That is, as long as it's not me.)

Brian said...

I think it's high time you explained 'weird money.'

Amy Kate said...

Comment on all of the above!! Each excited me a great deal!
1. I watched the episode of 30 days where someone went to live off the grid and the people with their greasy fuel and not flushing a toilet...well...it would get on my nerves. Just saying.

2. I, too, am curious what you mean by "weird money" - US Currency that is folded or ripped or written on by some creepster or poo dollars or what??

3. I often have this same terror strike, and that is the only time I usually tear out my contacts and wear glasses for a day or so.

4. We have all the stuff to make our own beer in the basement, and yet...no beer of our own.

5. I've non-anonymously broken up with friends before, so I'm a big fan. Especially if there's hypocrisy involved.

So stop self-doubting! Get on that keyboard!

Lana said...

amy kate, thanks so much for your kind words, it really does mean a lot to me :)