Friday, April 24, 2009

to pop or not to pop

b and i were recently musing about how annoying the pop performers of today are. and we know all about them of course because we are thirty and still occasionally will tune in for an ep of mtv's real world/road rules challenge. i mean, come on, these people are so trashtastic and narcissistic that it makes for great trainwreck tv. needless to say, the commercials for the new hannah montana movie/soundtrack/concert and other such acts that air during these programs have been subjected to our cries of 'does anyone listen to good music anymore?'

then we realized that they were perfect for their target audience, which no longer includes us. and i'm fine with that. i'd rather clean my house while blasting some mgmt or muse. but i'd sweat the shit out of hannah montana for little miss when she's 12 because that's still better than her smoking up with the rebellious 17 year old boy down the street.

another notable mention here is this kid asher roth. every time i hear his retarded voice claiming 'i'm the champ-I-ON of beer PONG' it makes me want to kill myself. but after i quickly change the channel and my anger subsides, i see that he's just talking about those silly college days that we've all had. except that he's still allowed to talk about them because he's living them. if he actually were my age and singing this crap, then he'd deserve the severe beating i so badly want him to get (just not from me, i'm kind of weak).

this in turn brings me to a conversation i had with b's sister bridget, who was born way after the new kids on the block phenomenon (the original movement, not this lame reunion bullshit). i was explaining to her how when i was in fifth grade, you had to have those over sized buttons of your favorite new kid, the ones that had the little eisel on the back so you could stand it up like a picture frame. and you would bring these buttons into school each day and arrange them on your desk to show your undying devotion to joey or jordan or whoever it was.

my point with this is that if i can evolve from a time where i practiced the oh-oh-AHH-o-oh dance to a song called 'the right stuff' in my backyard to my more refined musical taste of today, then maybe the pop was a necessary right of passage. although, i did also smoke weed out of a dented foster's keg can (my mom actually drank that shit) out my bedroom window when i was 15, with my 13 year old brother, so who am i to judge.


sour said...

i did the right stuff dance the other day at work, but unfortunately i forgot most of the moves. i just did the waving my hand over my head thing mostly

Skitch said...

I'm almost 40 and at the risk of being branded a "fuddy duddy" (or whatever the cool, hip kids call older people today), good music seems to have ended somewhere in the mid 90s.

There are still several bands out there from today that I enjoy but they're few and far between.

Not to mention, today's music doesn't stay around for long because it doesn't have the same kitsch value as NKOTB had. ;)

Lana said...

sour- do i need to post a video with the correct choreography for you?

skitch- mid 90's music is THE SHIT, as my ipod can attest to. but whatever happened to the toadies anyway?

Kristine said...

Two things:
1) If she's smoking up at age 12, I hope B lights a fire on that ass.
2) They're playing Irving Plaza on May 27 (!!) But I'm not sure if it would be totally awesome or totally depressing.

Kristine said...

(Okay, three: the title of this post looks like "to POOP or not to POOP")


Brian said...'s a really good point. To me, pop music of today makes me want to sprinkle acid on my balls...but it's totally harmless, so I guess that's a good thing for all those screwy tweens.

Lana said...

k- 1. b will regulate, i have no doubt
2. WE. MUST. GO.
3. maybe it was a subliminal message... pop=poop :)

b- i agree, don't hurt your balls though!