Thursday, April 9, 2009

i don't expect you to remember

'hey b, guess what today is?'

'uhhh, can you just tell me?'

'sure! today is the five year anniversary of the night we met.'

'awwww, really, five years already? i feel like i was in high school last week.'

'oh honey, those days are LONG gone. but i just realized myself what the date was and since my mind is full of useless details, i thought i'd share that one.'

'well i know our wedding anniversary, and all our birthdays because they're all in the same week, but are there any other dates that i need to keep track of?'

'may 19th was the day we brought monster home, if you want to count that because we never knew when his real birthday was. or don't because we could just as easily say he was born here on his gross chair.'

so here's to you b, and your amazing pick up line that has since led to the happiest five years of my life.


Brian said...

Yay for pickup lines! Stop being so sweet!

Kristine said...

I'm pretty sure I remember some stories about this pickup line...

Lana said...

oh yes, it was a good one :) but i'm saving it for my wedding anniversary post, may 1rst!