Thursday, April 16, 2009

fun times

i haven't been skiing in over five years.

i love(d) skiing.

b never got into it, and that's probably why i stopped. i feel bad for my twice-used, practically still gleaming, kickass skiis that i bought the winter before i met b. i've been thinking about selling them, but i can't bring myself to do it. although i can't imagine when i'll be able to get away and really enjoy skiing again either.

i wonder if i'll still be any good. not that i was any good before. i did break a woman's nose once when i caught a nasty patch of ice. but whatever, i yelled 'oh shit watch out!' like fifty times before i hit her, she could have moved instead of standing there staring at me.

maybe i miss the independence of it all. or not because i never went skiing alone and didn't even like riding the chair lift alone.

what is it that i miss about it?

i think it's the whole being outside part and seeing snow covered mountains and all the fresh air. i was always the type to just eat a granola bar on the slope rather than go into the lodge and have lunch by the fireplace. but that's also because i'm lazy and hated removing and then replacing all the layers.

maybe i miss all the fun times i had with my friends when we went skiing. sure, kristine had a slow start, as we all did at some point, but it was a great way for us to bond. our friend teresa used to have the best songs for us to sing to distract us from the cold. there was also all the drinking involved in proper skiing, i.e. the 40 of old english (i can't believe i just typed that) in the car on the way to the mountain.

and now i just realized that we were those annoying jackasses on the slopes that everyone hates. so if anyone's in the market for some sweet atomics, 165's i think, let me know.
photo credit--kristine took this one on our last ski trip, forever ago


Kristine said...

1. That picture is vintage 2004(!). I had to dig it up off my back-up drive. That was such a fun trip, though. We felt cool because we got up "early" to go. Ahh, memories.
2. OE? Dude, you totally just gave "Little Miss" some leverage in say, 15 years. The Internet is FOREVER. (To my kids: I NEVER TOUCHED THAT GARBAGE!)

Lana said...

oh i know, i was instantly embarrassed and ashamed as soon as i typed it, yet i can't say why i didn't delete it...

Kristine said...

Probably because you're not a ball of anxiety like me ;)

Brian said...

Skiing, to me, is whack, I'm sorry, I don't care. The last thing that I need to do is put on crazy uncomfortable layers of clothes, venture out into the freezing cold, just to fall ass first down the side of a mountain...

And seriously, that's the COLDEST looking picture I've ever seen in my life, I half expect to see 'Terror' and 'Erebus' stuck in the ice in the background.

Did I mention how much skiing blows?

Son of MCMLXXV said...

That picture is awesome, did you take that? I've been snowboarding since 95.

Lana said...

b-- how bout you just bring your flask, sit by the fire and talk mad nonsense to everyone inside while i relive my glory days, wind whipping through my hair, flying down the mountain in perfect form. or not, that was only my imagination anyway.

son of....-- a few things:
1. sorry, i'm lazy and wasn't sure how offended you'd be if i just wrote 1975
2. hi, b's told me a little bit about you, so i'll be nice, and thanks for stopping by :)
3. if you weren't cool with b i'd be compelled to burn you up for a) not reading the photo credit located directly above the comment link and b) not reading the first comment in which kristine takes credit for the photo

Dr Zibbs said...

I've never skiied and live about 1 and half hours from the Poconos.

Rachel said...

I gave up skiing recently too - it just boiled down to drinking a bunch of schnapps and praying I would not die, and I can do that at home nice and warm without spending all of my money on lift tickets.

Dr Zibbs said...

I just gave you a shout out. Thanks for visiting my blog.