Wednesday, March 4, 2009

your first taste

so here i am, virgin blogger, trying to think of the perfect way to kick off what i decided (today) will be my newest obsession/distraction. i first must give credit where it is due and say that without the support, technical and otherwise, of a very dear friend this blog would never exist.

i am currently at said friend's house, enjoying the precious few moments we have while the children are napping. yes, three children, under the age of two years, who all decided to get tired at approximately the same time. thankful for our reprieve, we immediately start talking about all of the cute things our little comedians did to entertain us this morning. the most hilarious being my daughter's nonchalance whilst being covered in her own ass-explosion.

the poor dear, only 5 months old, is already accustomed to wearing her own shit. as she sat on her beautiful (handmade) quilted butterfly blanket, with toxic goo ruining the new rainbow tights i was so eager to dress her in, she delighted in watching me squirm and squeal as i tried in vain to avoid the poo. her blue eyes all a-sparkle at the funny faces her mommy was making, unaware of the fact that her tic-tac sized toes were spreading the mess everywhere.

while not uncommon for children to have diaper blow-outs, this was the first time that i was so distraught about the whole situation that i just sat there laughing so hard i cried. the kicker being that i had to fight my instincts to rub the tears from my eyes with my poo-hands. my friend, ever so helpful in the blog set-up department, did nothing more than plunk down a mega-size box of baby wipes and point and laugh.

she didn't even open the wipes for me.

at last, when everything was all over, i thought about the situation and realized that my daughter was pretty damn chill throughout the whole episode. there was no whining or crying at all, not even when i had to peel the soiled garments off of her (and for anyone who's ever put an infant in a dress in the winter knows, there are multiple layers involved). so here's to you my little peanut, for being way more easy-going than i will ever be.

ps. i promise not to use this blog solely for the purpose of reiterating the minute details of my baby's everyday activities. you will, however, be treated to a few special treasures from time to time.

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Kristine said...

It was like watching a car wreck. I just threw a towel toward the whole scene because, really, where do you start with something so catastrophic?

(I did also get a bag for the shit.)