Thursday, March 5, 2009

what's for dinner?

how many of you out there find yourself stumped by this seemingly innocent question on a daily basis?

i, for one, have a particularly redundant discussion with my husband about this very topic most afternoons. it's not my fault, and it's definately not his fault.

the problem here is that we recently spent upwards of 40k so that i could be trained by world renowned chefs at a classical culinary institution. so, with my big expensive diploma in culinary arts, i am challenged to "i don't know, make something good" as my husband offers.

this then leads into his frustration about how everywhere we go when people find out that his wife is a chef, the immediate response is "wow! you must eat good at home" (insert chuckle here). to which my husband thinks to himself "if you only knew, pal..."

my old stand-by for this argument, i mean, discussion, has been that restaurant food is so yummy because there is an enormous team of people working in harmony to bring about that wonderous creation set before you at the table. everyone's role is important, especially the dishwasher.

yes, i'm talking about that little friendly, under-sized, perpetually cheerful fellow, old enough to be your grandfather, who exists in all food service establishments across this great land of ours.

he scrubs mountains of dirty pots and various utensils with an efficiency that could only come from decades of practice. he reaches for the exact size saute pan you are frantically searching for before you could stammer out "donde es, ummm, uhh... how do you say pan?"

his contributions are often overlooked in the moment, although he is well-thanked at the end of the hectic dinner service. but he, HE is the very reason why it is so easy for professional chefs to make elaborate meals, even on the smallest of scales.

in my teeny-tiny kitchen (without even a mechanical dishwasher) there is no way that i am willing to tackle the many elements necessary to turn out gourmet eats on a regular basis. twice a week, sure. three times if you're lucky.

does that make me lazy or practical? i still haven't decided. but i can tell you what's for dinner tonight, grilled cheese. eat it and love it.


Kristine said...

haha! love it.
ok, so i don't even have a culinary degree and james says the same thing to me: "make something GOOD."

Laura said...

I love it too! Well done and well put! Can't wait for more!

Brian said...

...seriously, that's all we want, just something good. And beer too. Lana DOES make sick grilled cheeses though.