Thursday, March 19, 2009


making the most of my daughter's nap time on this rainy afternoon, i am compulsively sorting and re-organizing my photos on my computer's hard drive for back-up before the wretched thing finally dies. this has naturally led me to rediscover some random memories i had long ago filed away in that 'did that really happen?' category.

the real stand out being this gem:

behold, the passenger-side mirror of my husband's late acura 3.0 cl.

yes friends, that is a muti-colored chenile yarn connecting the mirror to the door frame. it's accentuated with some lovely scotch tape holding the glass into the mirror frame. oh, and a big thanks to that very special valet parking attendant who so dillegently applied the scotch tape while all the other folks in their benzes looked on in disgust.

my husband loved that car.

he called it his tank. he could recount every story for all it's battle scars with vivid detail. i remeber the day he come home from work carrying that side mirror, asking me if i had any dark colored yarn in my knitting stash. i showed him various hues of blues and greens, and he said 'no, i need something to match my car.'

that yarn held up for almost a full year. but then one day, the very soul of the car seemed to sigh in defeat, and it never stirred again. it was ultimately towed away, making a huge spectacle at my husband's office, with the yarn still supporting it's burden.

i can only hope the new owner of that 1998 acura, with only 227,000 miles on it, can appreciate the love that was showered on it, and the joy it gave in return.

so if my piece-o-crap computer is good for anything these days, it can at least supply a chuckle on a dreay day. (although i can't wait for this thing to kick the bucket so i can go all office space on it's ass.)

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Brian said...

Being in that parking garage with that broken down piece of shit car was mad embarrassing.