Thursday, March 12, 2009

i might have an obsession...

one of my favorite things about my physical appearance is my tiny head. it's not freakishly tiny, or even that noticeable to someone who isn't trying to guesstimate my head size. but, it is exquisitely compact, in perfect proportion to my features.

my husband noticed my tiny head right from the very beginning of our relationship. when i say or do something he finds cute, he flatters me by telling me that he thinks my head shrunk a little.

in public places, i often have to remind myself that strangers don't like me staring. they don't understand about my need to compare head size.

big hair, hats, and other accessories are no impediment to my critical analyses. in fact, many times such items can be helpful as a gauge for sizing. for example, adjustable caps. the little plastic part with the snaps to make a cap larger or smaller is a great visual indicator of head size. the man walking past me in the mall, with his hat snapped on the very last hole, makes me shudder and think 'ugh, how can people STAND having such big heads?!'

i have never measured the circumference of my head, for fear that attaching an actual number to it's tininess will make it less tiny. instead i prefer to try on hats, commenting to whoever will listen, that the size 'small' is way too big, 'look, i can fit three fingers in between my head and this hat!'

i remember that fateful day at the pediatrician's office when my daughter was in for her one-month physical. the doctor pulled out a tape measure and slid it under her head. i thought 'WHY, WHY do they have to measure?' holding my composure while the unthinkable was happening before my eyes, the doctor read the measurement. she mutters 'that can't be right', and adjusts the tape a second time. my heart leaps. she proclaims that my daughter has a small-to-average sized head. my husband and i share an excited look. i grin from ear to ear. the doctor, noting our non-verbal communication, mistakenly tries to comfort us. she's worried that as neurotic new parents, we are afraid small head size translates to small brain size. we hide our excitement temporarily, knowing full well that a small head does not impact intellectual ability.

will i share the depth of my obsession for tiny heads with my daughter? probably not for a very long time, but i will compliment her for having such a cute little head. she has already affectionately become tinyhead 2.0.

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Laura said...

I am crying laughing! You are too much. The best part is I can picture your face in the doctor's office.