Friday, March 13, 2009

did i just see that?

i should preface this post by saying that as a new mother, i have learned quickly to refrain from giving unsolicited parenting advice. i don't like hearing it, and i'm sure no one else likes hearing it.

but i think i just saw the most atrocious display of exactly what NOT to do with your child.

the back story is brief, but somewhat relevant. i live in an apartment complex of some 400 or so apartments in several different buildings along a dead-end street. my particular building is at the bottom of the road, right off the cul-de-sac. my neighbor, a friendly spanish woman, mother to three children, watches other neighborhood kids during the day. we are not talking about licensed day care here, more of an informal, yet paid, babysitter.

one of her regulars is a small boy, about two years old. the parents seem nice enough, routinely dropping the boy off around 8:30 am and picking him up around 5:15 pm. what first made me take note of them was when i observed both parents, individually and on multiple occasions, put the boy in the front seat of their car, with no car seat, and often no seat belt.

i do know that they live in the building across the street, their parking lot directly opposite from mine. from door to door, it's maybe a 75-ft drive.

but is there any excuse for taking such liberties with your child's safety? the last time i checked, there were car seat laws, for a reason.

the ultimate in careless behavior was exhibited today, when the boy's father placed his son on his lap, and then drove away. no seat belt, and a toddler sitting in his lap, tiny fingers clutching the steering wheel. who does this guy think he is, britney spears? there are no paparazzi here on kensington circle.

i'm not ready to interfere and tell these parents what i think about their dangerous practice of driving their son. it seems obvious to me that any parent who thinks that such behavior is acceptable would clearly be defensive when approached about the subject. the last thing i need is the frustration of picking a fight about child safety only to have the parents continue with their actions.

instead, i'll just write about it and hope everyone who reads this agrees with me.

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Brian said...

I lol'ed at the image of this guy driving away with a baby in his can you even drive a car like that?