Tuesday, March 31, 2009

i love you monster, but really?!

as any pet owner may tell you, animals are weird. sometimes even weirder than weird money, but i'll save that for another time. however, i am thoroughly convinced that my special friend is officially the most neurotic creature on four legs.

ever since the major thunderstorm two nights ago with the flashy lights show and wall-shaking sound effects, the poor guy has been hiding in closets and underneath furniture that he is clearly way too big to fit comfortably under. while this is not an unusual reaction to a maelstrom of mother nature's fury, it is a little bizarre that after two days of sunshine and rainbows that this is still going on.

give it up already, monster. we get it. it was a little scary, but do you really need to be attached to my ankles ALL day long? i can't walk six feet without you getting up from one perfectly good spot to follow me and plop in a ball so close that you have to be touching some part of me to make sure that you're not alone. even the baby gives me more space.

oh, and let's not forget to mention how the past two nights he has knocked down the baby gate in the hallway at 3am to come and get in bed with us. he hasn't slept in our bed since he was a puppy. he has long ago staked claim to our custom upholstered chair-and-a-half in the living room, complete with his toe-chewing dribble stains, and has been more than happy to evict anyone for sitting in 'his' chair.

even now, as i vent my frustrations about the silly dog's obsessive tendencies, he is in fact preventing my nice swivel desk chair from actually swivelling, as he has his head laid blocking the bottom of the chair.

don't fall for those sad eyes. try spending a day with that clown as your shadow and you won't feel bad for him one bit. although, i do have to admit it could be worse. at least his ear isn't so stank right now.


Amy Kate said...

We also have an unnaturally (though maybe not??) needy and scaredy-pants dog. The only time she'll heel is if she is spooked by something in the house. Not very reassuring from a security standpoint!!
Thanks for the comment earlier!

Brian said...

If that freak dog pulls another stunt like that I'm pulling his floppy ears down and tying them together underneath his chin.