Wednesday, October 20, 2010

guess what i'm gonna be for halloween!!

a big fat fattie that's what.

i can't stop eating halloween candy.

or rather, my two year old is making it really hard for me to just enjoy a casual piece of candy without having to hear her squeal 'CHOCO PEAS!!!' incessantly so i end up binging as soon as her little head hits the pillow every night.

i might need an intervention, but not the weird kind where people just write letters and read them and cry and make ugly snot faces.

i want the kind of intervention where i get to bathe in enormous mounds of candy and oompa loompas come and sing to me about getting a bellyache and then i wake up the next day and i don't want candy anymore and i'm magically skinny again.

or would that be hypnosis?  whatever, make it happen.  i love oompas.

on another note, i'm thinking about bringing my monster to a pending craigslist exchange.  i can't decide if that makes me a) super paranoid, no one is going to rob me for $50 over a used carseat, or b) wise and well-prepared, internet people are weird.

if nothing else, giving monster a chance to think he's protecting me by barking really loudly at a stranger might just make him feel a little better.  he's been having some anxiety about the upcoming move which has manifested in a strange habit of chewing the fur off of his hips.  

my poor smelly mutt, maybe i should give him some candy too....  


VM Sehy Photography said...

Sorry to hear about your dog. Hopefully, he'll be OK. I would take him to the exchange.

When I used to have a dog, I took her on my nature hikes. You never know. Although, lately I've been hearing mountain lions and bears. I really miss having a dog. I think it's time to get a new one.

Lora said...

just not any chocolate.

i don't know if it truly kills them, but who wants to find out the hard way? also, if he eats it, you can't

Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

I dressed up as "intoxicated" for Halloween!
Hope your dog feels better!