Tuesday, April 6, 2010

support veteran artwork

this blog is usually a place for me to talk about myself, my feelings, my experiences. 

today i want to talk about someone else, my brother. 

my brother cory is about a year and a half younger than me yet has had life experiences the likes of which i will never know for myself.  he is an iraqi war veteran who was divorced before i even got married.  i remember distinctly the thought occurring to me at his wedding reception that, at the time, he wasn't even old enough to legally have a drink to celebrate his nuptuals.  

he now lives across the country from his family and girlfriend. 

when my dad died in february he couldn't even make it home in time for the memorial service because he got stuck in about three feet of snow for two days. 

but he wouldn't say he's had a rough life.  his nature is to accept his past choices as part of the path that have led him to today.  he is more comfortable letting things unfold before him and listening to his instincts than anyone else i have ever known.

and just where is he today?  today he is living in a new city, going to a new school, and making a name for himself as an artist. 

his first showing yeilded him several offers from galleries, an invitation to a trade show, an offer for designing an album cover for a recording artist, and much more.  as he develops his website and merchandise lines, he is also selling poster prints of his original drawings. 

the following is from an ad he ran last week in a local artist community:

These drawings are all inspired by experiences in life. I recently moved to the area and wanted to meet a few artists,so I figured putting some pics up here would help. The drawings are 21 x 14 so they are pretty large, and they are all done with bic pens. I always felt as if they could be reprinted and sold for around 10$ as posters. There has got to be a market for people wanting to support veteran artists, right? All constructive criticism welcome, as well as pure unbridled hatred. I have plenty more of these, just not any that have been professionally photographed like these four. So sit back and stare at them, and enjoy...

(click pics to enlarge)

if you're interested in any of his work, or just want to see some different pics, please email him at corwyn.mansfield@gmail.com for more info.  if you live in the greater denver area and are interested in the upcoming trade show on sunday april 18th he can give you details for that as well. 

my brother's dream for a career as an artist is not about making money but more about sharing his passion and finding an audience that he can relate to, and that is something i will always support. 


Vic said...

Cool artwork! I'm glad your brother is doing well, especially something that he loves.

You're a good sister.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting to read here in your blog. YOu have great ideas! Go on that way!