Monday, March 22, 2010

not about sailboats, although now that you mention it i'd love to have one

hi blogland, it's me, lana.  i've had a lot on my plate lately, literally.

yesterday i ate poison at work. 

it wasn't as bad as i would have expected it to be, although the taste took a few hours to fade away.  but at least i saved some people from potential death and their relatives from the hassle of a lawsuit, not to mention my boss's job.

i was just commenting to a friend recently about how much i enjoy having a career that always offers something new and different with each day, as opposed to sitting in the same desk in the same office.  i would have never experienced how easy it is to confuse a chemical de-greaser with cooking oil had i chosen a different path.

additionally, i am now realizing that my miniskirts from six years ago might still fit, but that doesn't mean that i should be wearing them.  this does not upset me, however the fact that i kind of want to keep a few of the nicer ones for my daughter should she ever want to wear them some sixteen years from now is quite bothersome.  am i a hoarder in the making? 

it's almost too disturbing to think about.  instead i think i'll go marvel at my amazing natural wonder, a siamese strawberry i found like a treasure hidden amongst all the regular berries.  behold:

you know you want one too.

ps.  where did my spell check go? 

pps.  and what is with all the spam?  have i really been gone that long?


Lora said...

Girl, I thought you were dead.

This is what's bad about loving bloggers. You don't know them in real life, so if they get hit by a car or something, you'll never get wind of the news.

Yeah, I'm not wearing anything that is more than 2 inches above the knee anymore. Yikes.

Save them. But don't wear them.

I love you. And miss you.

And think of you WAY more than you would be comfortable knowing.

miss. chief said...

YAY! You're back! I was just thinking about you the other day actually.

Anonymous said...

Watch out! That steroid berry might beat you up and we may NEVER see you again!

Kristine said...

Dude, did the bottle have a label with "XXX" on it? Because that's usually a good indicator that it's poison. So says Bugs Bunny, anyway.