Thursday, January 14, 2010

the whole she-bang

she is marvelous at hiding
she is afraid
she is anxious, unsettled, and aware

she is brushing her thick hair, distracted by its weight
she is cursing herself for her selfishness
she is anticipating the end

she is sad for others, but only angry for herself
she is surrounded
she is above and below
she is caught, marked, and ready

she is standing tall
she is backing away
she is learning her own strength
she is fading more and more each day

she is understanding what pity really means
she is undone and rebuilt
she is better than before

she is me
she is free
she is no more


Lora said...

she is me, too.
and her
and her
and her over there
and that girl
and this one too.

and once we all realize that, things will be a lot better

Kristine said...


Jerry said...

I think Lora said it correctly.

Warmest regards.