Thursday, August 27, 2009

tell me have you seen her?

i don't have my funny.

and i don't mean that i lost her forever like a permanent break-up. i'm talking more about a game of cat and mouse that funny is playing with me.

lately i've had a rather full plate, even though i'm not really hungry, and i think funny is feeling a bit left out. 'act like a grown-up' has been crashing at my house a lot, eating some of funny's favorite snacks, using all the hot water, basically being the kind of guest you know might be moving in but you'd rather see on a one way train to 'get the fuck out of here-ville'.

so in retaliation for the rude replacement persona, funny has decided to be a little bitch and storm off. i think this is the part where i put my life on hold and chase after her, because in all honesty, i need funny to get through life. i need funny in good times and bad, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, til death do us part.

i need to have a nice long talk with funny and hopefully i will be persuasive enough to not have to return home alone. i can reassure her with kind words, a big hug, and a friendly pat on the ass. i refuse to believe that this is the end.

funny, if you're out there, hiding in the shadows of the internet, you mean the world to me, i can't blog without you. i'm coming to get you!!

i'll be back in a few days. in the meantime, i'm open to suggestions for how to maintain a long-distance relationship with act like a grown-up. or perhaps i should just ditch act like a grown-up altogether and get a really good disguise so everyone will think we're still going strong when i'm fucking around with funny all day.

wow, i really need to find funny....


Stacie's Madness said...

shit fire, that was decently funny to me...and then it was sad and then "fucking around with funny" was funny again.

I say, chill with grown up and FIND the funny in it (and I just typed tit, see, funny is always there, just have to look HARD enough)

Jules said...

If you figure that out, let me know. Otherwise, I'm trying the vicodin.

f8hasit said...

I like to embrace my inner 10 year old. It makes everything funny to me.

Of course, people tend to think I'm insane...but I find even that funny.

Best of luck on your search! I don't think you'll have to go far.

Kristine said...

:) <-----LOOK! I FOUND IT!

Lora said...

I think she's on the run with my funny.

'Cuz I Felt Like It! said...

I lost funny once too. I woke up one day and looked around and didn't recognize anything. I was trying to live like a responsible mom....I felt I had to look the part and act the part....then I threw up and I am today....funny and freakin' awesome!

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Its a harsh thing to say but comedy is NOT pretty and there comes a time when you can't be nice. You gotta make funny your bitch or it starts to think it can walk all over you. Some will tell you its all about the medication or the weather but trust me...the funny can't hide for long. Soon you will see a fat guy fall down or a dog in a sweater matching its owners and it will become an embarassment of riches. Until then take a drink out of the deep 'Well of your Bitterness' and relax.

mylittlebecky said...

dude. just keep the lana and we'll all be fine.

Proud Maisie said...

Strike a bargain. Put act like a grown-up in charge of dealing with friends' and familys' issues, and put funny in charge of you.

Lana said...

stacie- i never thought if it that way. and tit is always funny.

jules- vicodin can't exactly hurt the situation, right?

f8- thanks! someday i'll be able to embrace my inner grown up, i hope :)

k- so not funny. haha, yes it is!!
(smiley face)

lora- we need some kind of bait to get them back. life's too lonely and real without them.

cuz- i laughed at that, thanks for sharing your funny :)

cal- hi! and that's a very interesting perspective, i like your advice. i'm feeling a little parched, i must go find that well...

becky- easier said than done, but for you, i'll give it a try :)

maisie- that's a nice compromise. i hope funny will get a chance to beat up grown up once in a while though, like real siblings do.